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This is my second take on the Steve Reich “Clapping Music” rendition as a scene in Teletype. I thought that I could post it as a form of “tutorial” explaining each component of the scene, which consists of only 3 scripts, and one pattern.

HARDWARE: Connect external clock to INPUT 1 (which will execute script 1 on each trigger) Connect trigger OUTPUT A to INPUT 2 (which will execute script 2 on each trigger) Connect trigger OUTPUT B to a VCA or your percussive sound generator Connect trigger OUTPUT C to a VCA or your percussive sound generator

PATTERN: I set up the pattern as 24 steps, which is an equivalent of two identical bars from the “Clapping Music” (see here: 13 ) You will see that steps 0-11 are the same as steps 12-23. I set this up this way so that I can use the same pattern for the two sequences that constitute the composition. (Short explanation of the structure of the piece is that one sequence repeats the same bar consistently, while the other shifts forward by one step until it reaches the full cycle of 12 shifts and begins to play the same sequence as sequence 1, and the cycle begins again. Here is a visual representation of the two cycling patterns as two rotating discs: green nike blazers low top

SCRIPT I: This is the “Initializing” script that is automatically executed when the scene is loaded. essentially set up as a “starting point” or a kind of reset for the piece. This can be manually executed by pressing the “widows” + I on the keyboard at any time to restart the piece.

P.N 0 — tells the teletype to work with Pattern 0 (first column on the left in TRACKER mode) P.L 24 — sets the length of the sequence at 24 steps Y -1 — sets variable Y to -1 (so that when the script 1 is executed for the first time it will set it to 0, and read the first step of the sequence Z 0 — sets variable Z to 0

P.N 0 P.L 24

SCRIPT 1: Most of what happens in this script is two counters (Y and Z) that are advancing the steps in the two sequences.

Y ADD Y 1 — using the ADD arithmetic operator it simply adds 1 to whatever the current Y count is, each time this script is executed, which is every time it receives the external clock trigger on INPUT 1. IF EQ Y 12 : Z ADD Z 1 — an IF modifier checks whether the Y count had reached number 12, and IF it did, it advances the count of variable Z by adding 1 to it’s current count. So, each time a complete sequence of 12 steps is counted on Y, it advances Z by 1. IF EQ Y 12 : Y 0 — and, when the count of Y reaches 12, it also resets Y back to 0. IF EQ Z 12 : Z 0 — and the same for variable Z: if it reaches 12, it is reset back to 0. TR.PULSE 1 — sends a pulse out of trigger OUTPUT 1 which is connected (self-patched) to INPUT 2 on teletype. (This is basically my way of extending this script beyond the 6 lines limit. The content of SCRPT 2 could have easily been sitting in SCRIPT 1.) T PN 0 Y — sets up variable T which is set to either a 1 or a 0. Using the PN command, it looks at pattern 0, and checks the index position Y (which is a continuous count from 0 to 11).

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I have been able to show top countries with most views for the given date range like below

I now would like to show how the total views has changed for those countries YoY. ie. if my selected dates are between 2015-01-01 to 2015-04-01 ( first quarter of 2015). I want to see the % change in the total views for those countries compared to the first quarter of 2014 ( one year before selected date range).

I know that you could use pivot_offset to compare YoY just based on the year like suggested in nike air max 90 leather womens white shorts
. but how to restrict so that my YoY comparison takes into account the values set in the date filter ? As far as I see we cannot access the values supplied in filter in the calculated fields? Please advice if there is a way of doing this.

I haven't tested it, but I think something along the lines of the following should work —

— if you filter on ds_with_yoy in the first quarter of 2015, include ds in your query, and pivot on year. Good luck, and let us all know how it goes.

The + interval notation is MySQL; your dialect may have something different to add an interval to a datetime.

Hi Rashmi.

The trick here is that you want to filter on dates within each year but across multiple years. This is a great use case for nike air max 90 ultra essential infrared ราคาบอลวันนี้
. So if you add a timeframe like quarter_of_year to the dimension_group ds you can filter on that and the timeframe in which you are interested.

If you want more granular control over the intra-year time you could use timeframes like month_num or day_of_year .

Thanks Michael ! I don't know if I properly understood your proposed solution. But as I understand this won't work because when we apply the filter and select say first 2 months of 2015, then that will restrict the output of the query to only those 2 months of the year 2015 no matter what you have in the dimension or dimension_group definition. Also, when you write templated filters, you always specify sql_or_lookml_reference inside the condition. So I don't think you can specify a sql expression like (${TABLE}.ds + interval 1 year) within it.Please let me know if I misunderstood your suggestion.




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